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Sun Visor Storage Pocket

Sun Visor Storage Pocket

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*1. Authentic PU leather with high elastic texture, strong and wear-resistant, delicate and comfortable touch, greatly improving driving comfort!

*2. Easy to install and remove by clipping on the car sun visor.

*3. Adjustable hook-and-loop fastener is used as a sunglasses holder, and you can get it easily any time you need it.

*4. Strict technological requirements ensure neat and meticulous stitches at edges and storage slots have good firmness and durability.

*5. Wipe clean. Good toughness, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant!


*1. Material: PU leather

*2. Hand Touch: soft and delicate

*3. Available Colors: Black, Pink, Beige, Grey, Red, Blue

*4. Product Size: 12.5x15.5cm

Package Includes:

1 x Sun Visor Organizer

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